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Date: June 23, 2011

The E-Government National Centre (EGNC) has entered into an agreement with IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) for the provision of IT security services and Managed Security Services (MSS) for the Government’s networks, servers, operating systems and applications.

Under the 2-year contract, ITPSS will provide IT security services to all government ministries and departments, including managed security services, incident response, vulnerability assessment and security audit, security awareness programs, training and secure operations support, providing helpdesk and IT security support to EGNC. The holistic approach of these services intends to address all issues pertaining to information security be it processes, people and technology.

The signing ceremony was held at E-Government National Centre in Gadong. Present to witness the signing as guest of honour was Haji Azhar Haji Ahmad, Deputy Permanent Secretary (IT and e-Government) at the Prime Minister’s Office. The agreement was signed by Adi Shamsul Hj Sabli, Director of the e-Government National Centre, and Shamsul Bahri Haji Kamis, Chief Executive Officer of ITPSS. The signing was witnessed by Siti Faten Farina Haji Ramli, Head of Operations at ITPSS, and Haji Mohammad Za'im Aziman Haji Ismail, Acting Head of Service Operations of EGNC.

L-R: Siti Faten Farina Haji Ramli, Shamsul Bahri Haji Kamis, Haji Azhar Haji Ahmad, Adi Shamsul Hj Sabli, Haji Mohammad Za'im Aziman Haji Ismail

Photo shows CEO of ITPSS, Shamsul Bahri Haji Kamis (L) and Director of EGNC, Adi Shamsul Hj Sabli (R) with Haji Azhar Haji Ahmad (C), Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office.