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Date: August 24, 2011

Some 30 officers from various departments under the Prime Minister’s Office have today attended IT Security Awareness Training for End Users, held at the Civil Service Institute in Kampong Rimba.

The one-day course covers information security basics, security threats and counter measures, incident handling and reporting. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to recognize security issues, take necessary security precautions, and take action in the event of a security breach.

The IT Security Awareness Training was coordinated by E-Government National Centre (EGNC) and conducted by Mohd Azad Zaki Haji Mohd Tahir of IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS), with the objective of educating and creating awareness on IT Security among government civil servants.

As part of a 2-year contract with EGNC, ITPSS is providing IT security services to all government ministries and departments. The training today was the first in a series, encompassing security awareness for End Users, IT Personnel, Executive Management and Basic Information Security Workshop.

Photo shows course presenter Mohd Azad Zaki Haji Mohd Tahir briefing participants on security threats