Date: September 27, 2012

A total of 56 students and 7 lecturers from Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR) made an educational visit to local information security firm IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) over the course of two days.

The students are undergoing their second year of studies for National Diploma in Computer Studies. According to MTSSR, the purpose of the visit was to expose the students to ICT security-related issues in Brunei, and to learn about the process of solving network security incidents.

The visit began with an introduction to the background and history of ITPSS, in addition to its pivotal role as Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT). The visitors also learned about some of the IT security services offered by ITPSS, including network & system administration, digital forensic and system integration. At the end of the visit, the students were briefed on the exciting career and development opportunities available in ITPSS for local IT professionals.

ITPSS staff conducting a briefing on Digital Forensic services

Visitors from MTSSR listening intently during a briefing

MTSSR students during the first day of visits

Students examining border control equipment during a briefing on system integration

Students examining biometric equipment during a briefing on system integration

The 1st group of visitors from MTSSR on Day 1 of the visits

The 2nd group of visitors from MTSSR on Day 2 of the visits