Date: April 11, 2014

Two hundred and thirty students of Meragang Sixth Form Centre attended a talk on IT security awareness yesterday afternoon, conducted by Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT). The attendees comprised of Lower Sixth Form students, members of the Student Council and Peer Counsellors.

The talk was organised by the Counselling Section of Meragang Sixth Form Centre and was facilitated by Haji Mas Zuraime Haji Abdul Hamid, the Head of BruCERT. Among the objectives of the talk were to create awareness about the effects of IT misuse, such as cyber-bullying.

Students were introduced to the Brunei Computer Misuse Act, and the various actions which can be considered as criminal offences under the Act, such as unauthorised access to computer materials. The talk also highlighted the threats of social networking, such as meeting online predators and paedophiles through social networks. Students were warned not to reveal too much personal information and photos online, as they could pose a risk to personal safety or lead to cyber bullying.

BruCERT’s information security handbook, Digibytes, was also distributed to everyone present. The booklet covers issues such as securing mobile phones and tablets, safe email practice, using a shared computer, and phishing.

Members of the public who are interested to learn about cyber security can visit BruCERT’s public awareness website www.SecureVerifyConnect.info or tune into their radio show every Monday and Wednesday at 7:15am on Pilihan FM, 95.9 & 96.9 FM. To report IT-related security incidents, please email cert@brucert.org.bn

Established in 2004, BruCERT is a central report and coordination point for computer & internetrelated security incidents throughout Brunei Darussalam. It provides IT security incident response and coordination, vulnerability handling, digital and mobile forensics, dissemination of early alerts and warnings, and public awareness initiatives.

Students of Meragang Sixth Form Centre during the talk

Ck Hajah Tiamah binti Haji Dollah, Senior Mistress of Meragang Sixth Form Centre, delivering her welcoming remarks