Date: July 04, 2016


A total of 6 less fortunate household receive donations from Information Technology Protective Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) as part of their Community Service Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This initiative is aimed to develop a culture of giving back to the local community.

Volunteering staff was divided into 4 teams, with each team caring for one or more families. The teams made a visit to each respective family to identify their needs prior to the handing over of donations. The donations consist of both in kind and cash contributions from the company as well personal contribution from the staff. The contributions also included basic necessities such as bags of rice, cooking oil, infant milk, diapers and also clothes.

The handing over of donations was done today with each team delivering the contributions to the families. The recipients comprised of 2 families in Kg Lambak Kanan, 1 family in Kg Lambak Kiri, 2 families in Kg Sungai Besar and 1 family in Perpindahan Meragang, all in the Brunei District.