Briefing on Cyber Awareness and Security

Date: May 15, 2017


From: RTB News

In a related development, BruCERT has taken early steps by conducting a briefing on Cyber Awareness and Security for Penghulu-Penghulu Mukim and Chief Villages in Brunei and Muara District. The briefing at the Dewan Theatre, Brunei and Muara District Office was held amid the rapid growth of social media use today.

The briefing was presented by Awang Haji Mas Zuraime bin Haji Abdul Hamid, Senior Officer of BruCERT Operations; and Dayang Hafiz Zakiah binti Haji Pawi, BruCERT Operations Officer. The increase in computer and mobile phone use has facilitated the syndicate operations to conduct fraud on the public. Hence, the public are advised to take more precautions on deception skills of the syndicate and not to take the offers made through internet.