Date: November 28, 2017


Farhanah Izyan Hj Zaini presenting the tools used in Digital Forensics investigations

Group photo of visitors from CCCT with representatives of ITPSS

A group of 14 students and lecturers from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology (CCCT) made an educational visit today to local IT and cyber security company, IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) as part of their studies. The group comprised students pursuing Higher National Diploma in Information Technology. The purpose of their visit was to provide some insight on security in the field of Information Technology.

The visit began with an introduction to the range of security services offered by ITPSS, and the company’s role as Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT). Nomi Hafiz Zakiah Binti Haji Pawi, an incident responder for BruCERT, elaborated on its roles and functions as Brunei Darussalam’s national CERT.

The group was then introduced to SPHERE, a locally developed software customized for first response agencies to share critical incident information on a real-time basis. Later, Farhanah Izyan Hj Zaini demonstrated how ITPSS’s Digital Forensics team analyses evidence and extract data from mobile devices, with the use of specialized tools.

Finally, Pg Mohd Farid Zulhusni Pg Aziz, lead trainer of ITPSS, briefed the group on IT security awareness. His presentation included the Computer Misuse Act, social media threats and the dangers of malware.

BruCERT offers free cyber security awareness talks for schools and educational institutions throughout Brunei Darussalam, providing valuable information on online threats, cyber safety and tips on keeping personal information secure. For more information, visit BruCERT’s public awareness website or email