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Research and Development


Research and Development

The Research and Development (R&D) department in ITPSS is a specialized unit committed to the systematic exploration, innovation, and advancement of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, technologies, processes, and services. R&D focuses in leading the charge in innovation, ensuring the company's competitiveness in the rapidly evolving landscape of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) while establishing a robust foundation for sustained growth and success in the cybersecurity domain.


iDentiti is a digital identity solution with verifiable credential capabilities powered by blockchain technology which has the security features required to ensure that the credential issued have not been modified for malicious intent. 


Biometric Verification
Zero Knowledge
Real time verification
Passwordless login


Facehunter is a facial recognition solution designed to enhance security and surveillance. Facehunter can be integrated with new and existing CCTV systems. Facehunter is powered using our AI engine, Kilala. Features of Facehunter includes:

  • Real time: Facehunter provides real-time detection and tracking of faces
  • Enhance security: Enhance security and provide a surveillance measure
  • Scalable: Designed to be scalable to meet the needs of any type of organization
  • AI based: Powered by Kilala Engine to accurately recognize individuals
  • User-friendly: Designed with a dashboard for easy operation and management
  • Web-based: Access the system through our web application accessible via desktop or mobile


Kilala is an Artificial Intelligence engine designed to support several use cases and integration with other third-party applications. Kilala engine can be accessed through an API or SDK with mobile support. Features of Kilala engine:

  • Facial Recognition: 1-to-many facial matching
  • Facial Verification: 1-to-1 facial matching
  • Facial Detection: Detect faces in images and videos
  • Facial Attribute Analysis: Extract facial attributes such as age, gender, facial expression and race
  • Liveness Detection: To verify human presence
  • Document Extractor: Extract details from documents such as Identification Cards using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 

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